20th January 2018

APHO Ahmedabad

Organization Introduction and Background Information

Airport Health Organisation (APHO), Ahmedabad is a unit of International Health Division under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. APHO Ahmedabad is a designated point of entry (POE) to ensure implementation of International Health Regulation 2005 which includes coordination of activities and containment of Public Health Emergencies of International Concerns (PHEICs). APHO Ahmedabad is the nodal organization to coordinate the PHEIC activities at SVP International Airport Ahmedabad.
APHO, Ahmedabad was established in 2009-10 in response to the Swine flu pandemic situation in India which affected majority of states including Gujarat. Administrative control for APHO has been given to Senior Regional Director, Regional Office for Health Family Welfare, Ahmedabad.
Location: It is located Latitude23° 04' 16.28'' NLongitude072° 37' 35.15" E, in Ahmedabad .Gujarat State.
Currently the airport handles on around 72000 international passengers at arrival per month. For handling such volume of passengers various regulatory and facilitating agencies are functioning at the airport including IHR, many of whom work round the clock basis. AAI provides various services for passenger facilitation and smooth aircraft operation.

Staffing pattern of APHO, Ahmedabad

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