20th January 2018

APHO, Chennai

Organization introduction and Background information

Established in the year 1939, the International Health Organisation (APHO), Chennai is a subordinate office of Directorate General of Health Services under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It is primarily responsible for discharge of functions enjoined upon the International Health Officer under the provisions of the Indian Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954 [framed under the provisions of the Indian Aircraft Act 1934 (XXII of 1934)] and the International Health Regulations (1969), and enforcing of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1955 etc. and maintenance of general sanitation in and around the Airport premises.

The International Health Regulations (1969) were first introduced to help monitor and control four serious diseases that had significant potential to spread between countries, and involve:

  • Notification of cases:
    • WHO Member States are obliged to notify WHO for a single case of Cholera, Plague or Yellow Fever, occurring in humans in their territories and give further notification when an area is free from infection.
    • These notifications are reported in WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record. More..
  • Staff Strength


    Emergency and Organisation Address