14th December 2017

Information about the Organization:- APHO, Kolkata

Functions (routine and emergency), Date and time of special functions

  • Health screening of International Passengers on arrival in co-ordination with immigration officials of India
  • Isolation / Quarantine of the suspected international passengers coming from yellow fever affected counties
  • To inspect and issue health clearance certificate of dead bodies brought from abroad
  • To check all international flights for detecting the presence of illness, vectors/rodents on board, status of disinfection, general sanitation and hygiene of the flight
  • To maintain sanitation and food hygiene in and around the Airport premises
  • To undertake vector surveillance in and Airport premises
  • To operate yellow fever vaccination centre
  • To take any specific health measures as notified by GOI  during outbreak of infectious diseases of international concern

Public Health Emergency

APHO, Kolkata will co-ordinate the overall activities of PHEIC at local level. APHO will make contingency arrangements to deal will with the PHEIC. He will make liaison with various officials involved during PHEIC and report to National IHR Focal Point.

  • Screening of all international Passengers are screened to detect any suspect cases
  • To isolate the suspected cases
  • Referral and Transport of suspected cases to Designated Hospital
  • To ensure that  i) RRT members with directly involved in screening  ii)  other officials who may come in contact of suspected cases iii) personnel involved in sample collection, disposal of infected materials, disinfection, decontamination etc. iv) suspected cases  - wears PPE or take adequate protective measures
  • To ensure that chemoprophylaxis is given to all high risk groups and including contact of suspected cases.
  • To ensure infection control measures are followed as per guidelines
  • IEC activities are undertaken. Do’s and Don’ts and FAQ to be in place.
  • Time factor is most important. To ensure the system in such a way to avoid delay and inconvenience of the passengers.