20th January 2018

PHO Chennai

Organisation History

  • The port quarantine work carried out for long time by Madras state govt. Port & marine dispensary were attached to port health organization and madras quarantine officer hold the dual post of port health officer cum port and marine surgeon.
  • In 1939 port health organization was transferred to the control of central govt and the post of "Port Health Officer" was created vide GOI dept of education, health & lands letter no F9/6239/G dt 21/08/1939 and 2472/C/PH dt 24/08/1939 of late public health commissioner with GOI Shimla.

  • The post of Port Health Officer was declared permanent vide late public health commissioner lt no 5-12/46/PHIH dt 10/06/1946.
  • It is an artificial harbor on coromandal coast in the south east India. It is lying at a lattitude of 13006 N & longitude 800 C.
  • The total land area of Chennai port is 586.96 acres & water spread area is 420 acres, total railway line is 68.8km & road length is 27.5km.
  • At present port health organization is functioning in an old building. The total land area is about 445.45 sqm & built up area is 395.68 sqm.

Activities of Port Health Organisation

  • Yellow fever vaccination is given to general public twice weekly i.e, Monday & Wednesday between 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Issuance of pratique for ships arriving from foreign port after verifying the maritime declaration.
  • Medical examination of all passengers before boarding bound for A&N island.
  • Ships arriving from yellow fever endemic area are inspected thoroughly for vector and given pratique.
  • Sanitary inspection of port premises and supervision for effective mosquito & rodent control activities by CPT.
  • Inspection of FBO's inside port area.
  • Inspection of all vessels from foreign port as per IHR 2005.