20th January 2018


Organization introduction and Background information

PHO JNPT started functioning independently since 1992. Before that PHO Mumbai was looking after functions of PHOs at JNPT since 1989.

Staff Information

S.No. Staff Total Strength Filled up
1 Doctors 4 2
2 UDC 1 0
3 LDC 2 1
3 Health inspector 1 0
4 MTS 6 5
Total 14 8


  1. Routine times:
    • Health clearance of vessel.
    • Quarantine work.
    • Supervision of disinfection, disinsection and deratting of ship and port.
    • Issuance of certificate like SSC, SSCEC, dead body clearance, death declaration and medical chest.
    • Provide medical facility to seamen.
    • Issuing of licence to food outlet within port limit.
    • Clearance of woollen rags and used clothing.
    • Granting free pratique and radio pratique.
  2. At times of emergency:
    • Follow and administer guidelines from DGHS in PHEIC as
      • Pax and crew check
      • Isolation, surveillance and quarantine
      • Training and health education stockholder, staff and public
  3. Date and time of special function:
    • PHEIC 24 hours
    • death declaration 24 hours

Contact Details

Port Health Organisation, POC building
Opp. Fire station, JNPT, Navi Mumbai-400707
E-mail ID: phonhevasheva[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone no- 02227242592
Fax no-02227241373