20th January 2018

PHO Kandla

All Points of Entries have to give following information about their Organizations:-

  1. Organization introduction and Background information.
  2. The main functions of this Organisation are. Viz. Implementation of International Health Regulations, 2005, Indian Port Health Rules, Merchant Shipping Act, FSSA rules etc. etc. at Kandla Port i.e. one of the leading fast growing Major Port in India. We cater Port Health Services at Kandla Port and at various minor ports of Gujarat.

    The Port Health Organization, Kandla was  established  in the year 1957 as a sub-ordinate office of the Directorate General of Health Services under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The office commenced functioning with  Anti-Mosquito work, which was taken over from the local port authorities. Kandla Seaport in Gujarat is the major planned Seaport in India and ranked at number one position in the cargo handling for the last 4 -5 years. The Port is getting an average of 200 ships in a month. There are about 68 minor ports in Gujarat out of which 10 -15 minor ports are very active and need continuous monitoring.

    The Port Health Organization, Kandla performs health check work to detect importation of any infectious disease and take suitable action as prescribed in the Indian Port Health Rules, 1955 & proposed Port Health Rules 2015, and International Health Regulation, 1969 and 2005 and as per instructions/ guidance received from the Director General of Health Services, from time to time.

    History of the Port Quarantine Work: -
    Kandla Port is situated on western coast of India at 23 N and 70. 10 E. A deep harbor in Kandla Creek was discovered in the year 1922, when the central marine survey of the ports of kutch was carried out.  Cargo jetty was constructed by the Maharaja of Kutch and were commissioned in the year 1930s.  The trade was limited mostly to the foreign shipping with the partition of India in the year 1947, the port of Karachi was lost to Pakistan, and it was considered essential to develop a major port between Karachi and Bombay.  Thus 1st planned major port of Kandla, the sixth major port of the country was conceived and was born 8th April 1955. Because of its situation in the Kandla creek in the Gulf of Kutch, the port of Kandla is an excellent natural and will well protected port.  Though the port of the Kandla declared major port in the year 1955, it was linked with the national highway only in the year 1968, and Broad gauge railway approved only in the year 1969, and the port development was accelerated.Until 1978, the port had been handling an average 4 vessel per month and from the year 1979, the number of such vessel went up to 15 vessels per month continued the increase in the number of vessel coming to this port, the average of last year 2015 150-200 vessels per month.An off shore oil terminal at Vadinar port which is a part of the major port of the Kandla established the of shore oil terminal at Vadinar port is about 5 Km. away from the land and is designed to handle “very large crude carriers” VLCC of 2,60,000tonnes of capacity. Kandla is the first port to handle ship bringing big barges which are termed as “lash” ship since 02.05.1973, and this port handled first container ship namely “ M.V.SOVETSKIYERPRFSOYUZY” since 16th October, 1981 and onwards.

    Climatically it comes more or less within the zone of THAR Desert. There was scarcity of rain during the whole year and the total annual rainfall during each year is lesser.Temperatures during the year were maximum 45 in May -June and the minimum was 12.70 c in the month of January. Total population of area (including Gandhidham, Gopalpuri and Adipur) during the year 1981 approx is 1, 00,000 as per 1981 census. The latest population figures may be around 3 Lakh.

    No rivers in the vicinity. Nearest pilgrim center is at Anjar at adistance of 33 km by train and Bhadreshwar (Jain Temple) about 55 km. nearest district town and headquarters is Bhuj about 70 km away there is a small township known as Gandhidham 15 km away. Nearest hospital with specialist surgical and medical facilities is at Bhuj, though there is one government hospital at Gandhidham and port hospital at Kandla Port and Gopalpuri with limited specialist facilities.

    Water supply to this port is from 3 deep tube wells installed at place called “ VIRI”  “Nagalpar” “ Dudhai” and a dam known as Tappar dam at about 33 km away from this port. Gujarat water supply and sewerage board of Gujarat government is responsible for supply of drinking water of the port from the above mentioned source, since September, 1985. The approximate requirement of water for the port is more than 20 to 25 lakhs  gallons per day. Whole water is chlorinated by the Kandla Port Trust before the water is supplied to the port use. This area is experiencing scarcity of watter on account of successive bad monsoon. However, the supply of Narmada water by pipelines has now eased the water shortage . Ferry service between Kandla port at navlakhi(saurashtra) has been stoppedw.e.f. from 01st January 1982.

    A daily Flight Service between Bhuj(which is 70 km away from Kandla)and Bombay, is available by Air India and Jet Airways. The Kandla Airport is about 25 km away from the Kandla port but there is no commercial flights operated now.

    C Chronology:-

    • 1933- Kandla Port opened under the state of Kachchh.
    • 1950- Port Health services were started under the ministry of transport, port medical officer to look after the port quarantine work.
    • 1950- Kandla port was taken over by the Government of India.
    • 1955- Kandla port was declared as the major port of India.
    • 1957- On 01st Feb 1957, the Port Health Organisation, Kandla, under the Ministry of Health started functioning. Anti mosquito work taken  over from the local port authorities since the month of December, 1957.
    • 1959- 01st May Anti-Rodent work started by the Port Health Organisation.
    • 1960- Port Health Organization, Kandla. Declared by the WHO and approved yellow fever inoculation and issuing international yellow fever inoculation certificates.
    • 1961- In May the grant of pratique by the radio to the international ships under the Indian Port Health Rules, 1955 started. Construction work of Port Health Organisation, Kandla Building started in July.
    • 1964- February, management of Kandla Port was taken over by the Port Trust from the Ministry of Transport.
    • 1968- The Port connected with the national highway 
    • 1969- March completed construction work of type-IV staff quarters.December, newPort Health Organization building was taken over from the Kandla port trust.
    • 1969- Connected with broad gauge railways.
    • 1973- Kandla port trust started one more oil jetty from 1973, which was commissioned in the year 1975. Fifth cargo jetty already started functioning since 1973, and one more jetty was under consideration.
    • 1973- Kandla port became Ist port to handle LASH ship since 02.05.1973.
    • 1974- Work on automated marine unloader has been started on trial basis. Foundation of seamen’s club laid down at Kandla port.
    • 1977- Discontinuation of medical inspection of out-going ship including country crafts.
    • 1978- Off shore terminal at Vadinar which is a part of Kandla major port was established to handle very large crude carriers (VLCCs).
    • 1978- Local HealthAuthority of the minor ports allowed to issue month’s extension to regular D.E.C.
    • 1978- Port Health Officers, Kandla, was permitted to visit minor ports for issuing D.E.C. at minor ports.
    • 1981- Handled first container ship in October.
    • 1982- Seamen’s club formerly declared open on 10.02.1982 by the Honorable Minister Shri. Virendra Patil.
    • 1984- Sixth cargo jetty was commissioned on 28.05.1984, Third oil jetty was opened for traffic on 15.06.1984.
    • 1988- Construction of cargo jetty No. seventh was under progress.
    • 1992- Construction of cargo jetty No. seventh was completed.
    • 1995- One oil jetty and two virtual jetties were under construction.
  3. Staff -both Administrative and Technical, Total Strength and filled up post:- As on 01.06.2016
  4. S.No. Name of the  Post Total No. of Post Sanctioned Total No. of  Posts
    Filled up.Vacant
      1 2 3 4
    1. Port Health Officer
    01 01 NIL --
    2. Medical Officer
    01 01 NIL --
    3. Health Inspector
    02 Nil 02 --
    4. Food Inspector
    01 NIL 01 --
    5. Health Assistant
    02 NIL 02 --
    6. L.D.C
    02 NIL 02 01 LDC/01 DEO engaged on contract/ outsourcing basis.
    7. F.W. Up. Gr. C
    09 06 03 03 Field Workers are engaged on outsourcing contract basis.
    8. Chowkidar
    01 NIL 01 01 Chowkidar is engaged on outsourcingcontract basis.
    9. Safaikarmachari
    01 NIL 01 01 SafaiKarmachari engaged onoutsourcing contract basis.
    TOTAL 15 20 08 12 Total 07 staff engaged on outsourcingcontract basis.
  5. Functions (routine and emergency), Date and time of special functions
  6. Public Health Emergency contingency plan
  7. Organization address *  (MI Room, Quarantine Center and Administrative office)
    Port Health Organisation, Kandla, P.O. Kandla Port, Pin Code No. 370210 (Kachchh), Gujarat.
  8. E-mail ID:- phokandla@gmail.com / Phone (02836) 270189, (PHO), 270220, (Office), 270312 (PHO Residence) / Fax (02836) 270189,