20th January 2018

PHO Mumbai

  1. Introduction and Background Information:
  2. Port quarantine work at Mumbai port started in September 1800 as a measure against importation of Plague from the Persian Gulf area. Port Surgeon was given duties to check health of the persons on board the vessels coming from infected or suspected ports.

    In 1832 First set of Rules and Regulations for the quarantine work in the Presidency of Mumbai was Published and in1884 full time post of Health Officer of the port created and Port Health Org. Mumbai was established by British Govt. which was subsequently handed over to Govt. of India after Independence.

    Port Health Org. Mumbai is covering one of the major Indian Port -Mumbai Port.

    In Mumbai port there are:

    • 3 wet docks- Indira dock with 31, Princess dock with 8 & Victoria dock with 14 berths, 2 Dry Docks and many berths for supply boats/country crafts / tugs/ barges etc.
    • Jawahar Dweep 4 Jetties for POL cargo.
    •  Pirpau 3 Jetties for chemicals, CNG, LNG & LPG.
    •  75 Anchorages.
    • Many Container and cargo handling yards.
  3. Objectives of Port Health Organisation:
    • Monitoring / supervision and implementation of responsibilities / activities assigned under I.H.R.2005 and Indian Port Health Rules within the jurisdiction of Mumbai port.
    • Ensuring safe environment and sanitary conditions to prevent entry / exit and spread of any Public Health risk through ships, cargo and travellers.
  4. Major functions of Port Health Organisation:
  5. In routine times:

    • Port quarantine Work and clearance of healthy and suspected vessels arriving / departing from Mumbai seaport.
    • Issue of Free and Radio Pratique certificates to arriving   vessels.
    • Health clearance of ships.
    • Supervision and monitoring of Disinfection, disinsection, deratting and other sanitary measures advised to the vessels.
    • Inspection of vessels and Issue of Ship Sanitation Certificate.
    • Inspection of hospital of the vessels and Issue of Medicine Chest certificate to Indian registered vessels which is valid for One year.
    • Inspection of Provision and Issue of Provision certificate to foreign going Indian registered vessels.
    • Supervision & monitoring of sanitation, water supply and anti-mosquito & other vector and anti- rodent work in docks, surrounding areas and container & cargo handling areas of the port.
    • Clearance of Dead body:
    • Issue of NOC if death on board a vessel.
    • Clearance if body / human remains arrived as cargo.
    • Inspection, fumigation and clearance of imported used clothing.
    • Administration of yellow fever vaccine and issue of yellow fever vaccination certificate to travelers.
    • Medical Examination of Seamen if referred by D.G.Shipping for issue of CDC.
    • Licensing of catering establishments under FSSAI Act & Rules.

    During Emergency / PHEIC :

    • Activation of PHECP
    • Coordination with other stakeholders.
    • Functions as per guidelines for PHEIC.
    • Training of stakeholders.
    • Procurement and Deployment of additional manpower.
    • Procurement of material required.
    • Coordination with National /state/ local agencies.
    • Reporting.
  6. Staff Strength and in Position Staff: (As on 2016)
    Port Health Officer A 1 (P.H.Spl.) 1 -
    Medical Officers A 6 3 ( 1 PH Spl.)  3
    Health Inspectors B (Non Gazetted) 2 Nil 2
    U.D.C. C 1 Nil 1
    LDC C 3 2 1
    Hindi Translator C 1 Nil 1 ( Dealing Assistant)
    Lab. Assistant C 1 1 -
    Motor Driver C 1 1 -
    Naik C (MTS) 1 1 -
    Daftary C (MTS) 1 1 -
    Peon C (MTS) 4 4 -
    Field Workers C (MTS) 8 8 -
    Lab Attendant C (MTS) 1 Nil 1
    Watchmen C (MTS) 2 2 -
    Safaiwala C (MTS) 3 3 -
    TOTAL   36 27 09
  8. Public Health Emergency Contingency Plan:   As per Attachment – I
  9. Address and Contact details :
    • Administrative Office ( Port Health Organisation):

      Port Health Organisation
      Pattan Swasthya Bhavan, 7-Mandlik Road,Behind Taj Mahal Hotel,
      Mumbai ( Maharashtra)
      400 001. (India)

      Tel. Phone :    022 - 22020027, 022 – 22027101 (I/c)

      Fax. :  022 – 22020814

      E-Mail : phomumbai[at]mtnl[dot]net[dot]in, porthealthmumbai[at]gmail[dot]com

    • Seamen’s Medical Examination Organisation & Yellow Fever Vaccination Center:

      Seamen’s Medical Examination Organisation  & Yellow Fever Vaccination Center,
      Nav Bhavan Building, Ramji Bhai Kamani Marg,
      Ballard Estate,
      Mumbai (Maharashtra)
      400 001. (India)

      Tel. Phone :    022 - 22612256

    • Yellow Fever Center Timing :  10 – 30 AM to 12 – 30 PM on first come first serve basis.

      • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Except Govt. of India holidays) : For General public
      • Wednesday (Except Govt. of India holidays)  : Only for Seafarers

      Documents required for vaccination :

      • For General public: Original self-Passport OR CDC with sufficient validity.
      • For Seafarers to avail service on Wednesday: Original self CDC with sufficient validity.

      Charges for vaccination : As fixed by Govt. of India from time to time. Currently Rs. 300=00/ (Rs. Three Hundred only) per dose.