20th January 2018



1. PHO Mumbai
2. PHO Kolkatta
3. PHO, Chennai
4. PHO, Kandla
5. PHO, JNPT, Sheva
6. PHO, Cochin
7. PHO, Vishakhapatnam
8. PHO, Mandpam Camp
9. PHO, Marmagoa
10. PHO, Tuticorin


1. New Mangalore port
2. Paradeep (Orissa)

Ships were and are the main mode of trade and travel across the globe . (About 90% of trade is transported by ships).Around 1,00,000 merchant ships are registered and approx. 2.5 million seafarers are employed on all  types of ships. Cruise liners carried approx. 15 million passengers per year.  Ships are isolated communities with crowded living   accommodation, shared sanitary facilities and common food and water supplies. (conditions favourable to the spread of infectious diseases). More than 100 outbreaks of infectious diseases  were reported  in recent time due to transportation  and dissemination of disease and disease agents through ships. Many pandemics and epidemics thought to be linked to trade routes and facilitated by merchant shipping. Ships have significance to public health beyond their role in ship- acquired infection but also in transport & spread of disease agents across the globe through:
  • Person to person & animal to human disease transmission.
  • Transmission of contaminated cargoes, food, surfaces, water.
  • Transmission of pathogens or other aquatic organisms of public health importance through discharge of contaminated ballast water, liquid waste.
  • If proper control measures are not in place, ships are particularly  prone to disease outbreaks.

Major functions of Port Health Organization:

In routine times:
  1. Port quarantine Work and clearance of healthy and suspected vessels arriving / departing from Mumbai seaport.
  2. Issue of Free  and Radio Pratique certificates to arriving   vessels.
  3. Health clearance of ships.
  4. Supervision and monitoring of Disinfection, disinsection, deratting and other sanitary measures advised to the vessels.
  5. Inspection of vessels and Issue of Ship Sanitation Certificate.
  6. Inspection of hospital of the vessels and Issue of Medicine Chest certificate to Indian registered vessels which is valid for One year.
  7. Inspection of Provision and Issue of Provision certificate to foreign going Indian registered vessels. 
  8. Supervision & monitoring of sanitation, water supply and anti-mosquito & other vector and anti- rodent work in docks, surrounding areas and container & cargo handling areas of the port.           
  9. Clearance of Dead body:
  • Issue of NOC if death on board a vessel.
  • Clearance if body / human remains arrived as cargo.
  1. Inspection, fumigation and clearance of imported used clothing.
  2. Administration of yellow fever vaccine and issue of yellow fever  vaccination certificate to travelers.
  3. Medical Examination of Seamen if referred by D.G.Shipping for issue of  CDC.
  4. Licensing of catering establishments under FSSAI Act & Rules.
During Emergency / PHEIC :
  • Activation of PHECP
  • Coordination with other stakeholders.
  • Functions as per guidelines for PHEIC.
  • Training of stakeholders.
  • Procurement and Deployment of additional manpower.
  • Procurement of material required.
  • Coordination with National /state/ local agencies.
  • Reporting