20th January 2018

Polio Vaccination

It is heartening to note that India has not reported any Polio case due to wild poliovirus since 13th January, 2011. However, the poliovirus continues to circulate in the three polio endemic countries, namely Afghanistan Pakistan and Nigeria, as well as some erstwhile polio free countries with recent importations of poliovirus such as Somalia, Kenya, Syria and Ethiopia. This has aggravated the risk of importation of the poliovirus into India and has the potential of negating the tireless efforts of 25 lakh polio workers and approximately 15,000 crore rupees that India has invested over the past many years.

The government of India, in order to minimize the risk of polio virus importation into India, has decided the travelers to or from the seven countries mentioned above need to be vaccinated within a period four weeks to one year before the date of the travel.


  • To check that all the passengers going to seven countries from India should have Polio Vaccination Certificate with them issued between four weeks before (but not more than one year before) the date of departure. (The training will be provided to the staff of Immigration for the screening of the passengers, as delegates from FICCI are visiting to Pakistan between 14th to 16th February, 2014 therefore a convenient time may be communicated to APHO Delhi for the training of Immigration Staff on 12th February, 2014.
  • To send all the passengers without Polio Vaccine Certificate to the health desk the Pre-Immigration area of departure hall.


  • To make aware the passengers going to the seven countries about the above procedure while issuing the boarding passes.


  • Provided to the passengers visiting Polio Endemic/Affected countries.