20th January 2018

Public Health Clearance of Human Remains Directions for Airlines

The Following four certificates are necessary for PUBLIC HEALTH CLEARANCE of Human Remains which are to be provided 48 hrs (12 hrs as per draft Indian Aircraft Public Health and Port Health Rules) before the actual arrival of Human remains so that deficiency/ shortcomings if any can be corrected well before in time- (the related documents may be submitted either at online addresses of respective APHO's/PHO's/LHU's or physically in MI room of respective APHO's/PHO's/LHU's.)

  1. Death certificate by the health department of the concerned country- clearly mentioning the cause of Death.
    • If the cause of death is mentioned as Cardio-respiratory arrest or natural death or pending or to be ascertained after postmortem then such death certificate become invalid or
    • If it is not possible to clearly mention the exact cause of death because of some unavoidable reasons –
      • Then in all such situations as mentioned in above two points - the health department of the concerned country may issue a certificate stating “the person has not died because of the infectious/communicable / Notifiable disease” International health concern.
  2. Embalming certificate
  3. NOC from the Indian High Commission of the concerned country.
  4. Cancelled Copy of the passport

All above four certificates have to be in English or translated to English by the authorized translator.

The Health NOC will be provided only if all the documents in original & photocopy (Both original language & English translated copy) are presented to the Health Officers of the respective APHO/PHO/LHU on arrival.