20th January 2018

Yellow Fever Vaccination & Quarantine

  • Passengers travelling to and from YF endemic countries (countries where Yellow Fever disease is persisting) are required to be in possession of a “VALID YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CERTIFICATE” issued by authorized and designated vaccination centers in India.
  • As required the certificate is treated as “INVALID” in the absence of (details as per YF Certificate). Incidentally this job of checking of Valid YF Certificate in possession of such passengers travelling from / through any of these YF endemic countries, is done by the Immigration Officers.
  • Those found not in possession of such Valid certificate or defective certificate as enumerated by the WHO, are upon reporting by the Immigration Officers are quarantined for a period till the YF certificate becomes “valid” or until a period of six days, reckoned from the date of last possible exposure to infection, has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Procedure for taking Yellow Fever Vaccination

Vaccination Procedure

Flow of vaccine Beneficiary

The procedure for Yellow Fever Vaccination

The Necessary Information For Yellow Fever Vaccine Beneficiaries

Vaccine summary

Yellow Fever Endemic Countries- The list is updated from time to time by WHO

List Of Recognized Yf Vaccination Centers In India

International Travel and Health-World-Yellow Fever Vaccination booster